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Evolve and challenge the status quo with coaching 

 Coaching provides tools that can help you progress in the direction you desire.

I offer a personalized coaching approach that combines professional coaching, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), and mindfulness to work on the thought patterns, skills, and mindset of my clients.

Pillars of my coaching approach

Defining objectives

Calming the mind

Enhancing natural abilities

Exploring limiting tendencies

Optimizing well-being and mental health

Personal coaching

New challenge ahead? Taking a big leap? Aiming for change? Eager to grow?

You are in the right place. Personal coaching allows you to develop your strengths, gain perspective, increase your confidence and self-esteem, overcome fears and doubts, reconcile emotions and limiting beliefs, change your mental state... and much more!

Personal coaching journey

Appointment : 55 minutes

Format : virtual

Duration : Variable. I offer my clients two coaching journeys to optimize results. One of 5 sessions and a 3-month coaching journey including 7 sessions and various exercises.

*I issue insurance receipts for clients in Québec.

Professional coaching

Your company is in continuous improvement. Why not allow the same for yourself?

I coach entrepreneurs and growing companies of all sizes who prioritize the development of skills and the optimization of the mental health of their employees. Performance also involves taking a step back.

Coaching de groupe
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