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Passionate about human encounters. 
Entrepreneur. A bit of a nomad.

My journey

For over a decade, I occupied several professional roles. I promoted Quebec's tourism brand in Europe and North America as a delegate, I lived the “tour life” as a publicist in twenty North American and Asian markets, and founded an online business. I also guided companies in their strategic and branding journeys.


These years were marked by a constant effort to promote the purpose of these companies to multiple communities and stakeholders.

In paralell to all of this, I have lived and travelled in more than thirty countries. Why would you drink filtered water when you can take it from the source in Patagonia? Why buy beauty products when you can indulge the benefits of the Dead Sea? Or.. Why peek into other people's lives on social media, when you can put your cell phone aside and live at 2000m above sea level in northern India with a family and eat the best curry with your hands?

To reconnect with yourself, to make meaningful encounters and to get out of your comfort zone. Over the past years, I have reviewed my priorities. The pandemic also allowed me to meet the elders of our society in a long-term care facility. An unforgettable experience which I will always be grateful for.

Fast forward, I gained knowledge in several disciplines to lay the foundations for my coaching vocation. I completed a 200-hour training in mindfulness and yoga in India. I pursued a 1000-hour certification in coaching, and acquired tools in neuro-linguistic programming. I attended seminars and hired coaches. I am also in the process of obtaining an additional certification to provide more tools to my clients. 


  • ACC, International Coaching Federation (In progress)

  • Certified Professional Coach (+1000h), CQPNL

  • NLP Master Practitionner Training, CQPNL

  • NLP Practitionner Training, CQPNL

  • NLP Introduction Training, CQPNL

  • Yoga Teacher Training Course 200h, Yoga Bliss (India)

  • Graduate classes, International Business and Management, McGill University

  • Bachelor in Communications - Public Relations, Université du Québec à Montreal

What would happen if we took the time to understand our needs, what motivates us, and drives us to take action? Let's take the first steps together.

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