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Professional coaching for companies, entrepreneurs, and startups

Your company is in continuous improvement. What about you?

Develop the human potential at the heart of your business through professional coaching

I coach entrepreneurs and growing companies of all sizes who prioritize the development of skills and the optimization of the mental health of their employees.

Professional coaching is an interactive, personalized, and solution-focused approach aimed at supporting managers, employees, business leaders, and entrepreneurs in achieving their professional goals.

Professional coaching in your workplace to:

Support the development of specific skills related to the needs of the company
Foster adaptability to change and resilience in the face of professional challenges
Enhance interpersonal communication and collaboration within the team to reduce conflicts
Strengthen leadership and team management skills

Improve stress management due to workload, changes, and daily unexpected events
Improve time and priority management to increase efficiency and productivity
Strengthen self-confidence and stress management for better professional performance
Provide guidance for career transitions or significant organizational changes
Develop a better understanding of decision-making processes and problem-solving

Benefits for companies:

  • Increase productivity and efficiency

  • Improve employee satisfaction and engagement

  • Reduce staff turnover rates

  • Increase organizational profitability

Benefits for employees, entrepreneurs, and startups:

  • Improve professional skills and abilities

  • Increase self-confidence and self-esteem

  • Increase motivation and engagement at work

  • Improve the quality of professional and personal life

  • Improve relationships with employers and employees

Why work with me?

Certified coach

I am a certified professional coach who is passionate about the professional development of entrepreneurs, startups, and business teams. 

I approach coaching with a focus on performance insight, maintaining a clear distinction between performance and well-being in the workplace. My coaching is tailored to the unique needs of each client, guided by a structured yet creative framework that ensures effective and personalized support.

The NLP techniques I use in addition to traditional coaching allow me to work on unconscious thought patterns that can negatively affect professional performance.


By working with me, you can benefit from these advantages and achieve your professional goals while creating a healthy balance between performance and well-being at work. Professional coaching sessions are conducted online.

Contact me to discuss how we can work together to achieve your human business goals and if you would like to integrate my services into your employee wellness program.

I offer professional coaching services for businesses in the Montreal and Quebec regions, as well as the Greater Toronto Area. If your company is located in another province or internationally, please contact me.

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